Welcome and congratulations on your upcoming wedding and engagement shoot! I've curated a list of places that I hope you can use as a helpful reference to select your perfect engagement shoot spot. Also, know that this isn't a complete guide - if you have any ideas of your own or places that you love, let's explore those as well!

The Spots:

  • Allan Gardens
  • Chinatown Toronto
  • Distillery District
  • Edwards Gardens
  • Guelph Arboretum
  • Liberty Village
  • Hart House
  • Knox College
  • Evergreen Brickworks and Don Valley Park
  • Yorkville Toronto
  • Polson Pier
  • Preto Loft
  • Spadina Museum
  • St. Lawrence Market
  • Cherry Beach
  • Toronto Island
  • Glendon Campus – York University
  • Scarborough Bluff
  • Guildwood Park
  • Jack Darling
  • Kortright Center for Conservation
  • RC Harris Water Treatment Plant
  • Unionville
  • Humber Bay Park West

Allan gardens [Currently closed for renos]

  • Description: Nature and greenhouse effect look. There are lovely tropical plants and a giant solarium that makes for lovely photos. Shooting outside in the garden is also a lovely option
  • Permit required: Yes (details here), but no for shooting outside.
  • Region: Toronto Downtown
  • Caveats: A bit tough to find parking (street parking)


  • Description: For those not afraid of shooting in the city. we can use the fun lights and have a stroll around the city!
  • Permit required: No
  • Region: Toronto Downtown


  • Description: A rustic, industrial look for a city vibe. There are some cafes and graffiti walls, and beautiful red brick walls and industrial elements.
  • Permit required: No
  • Region: Toronto Downtown


  • Description: The charming red brick walls, shops, and cobblestone streets are beautiful. A classic Toronto staple.
  • Permit required: Yes (details here)
  • Region: Toronto Downtown
  • Caveats: Pedestrian traffic is plentiful! Best to pick a time or day that isn't an evening or weekend.


  • Description: We can go for a hike in the city, in this beautiful park with lots of greenery eleemnts!
  • Permit required: No
  • Region: Toronto Midtown/North York


  • Description: A pretty park in the Guelph area arranged by the University, with a fountain and other greenery
  • Permit required: No
  • Region: Guelph


  • Description: A beachy vibe with lots of greenery. Go for a stroll by the water or walk on the boardwalk. Lots of beautiful trees and light.
  • Permit required: No
  • Region: Etobicoke

RC Harris Water Treatment Plant

  • Description: An architecturally unique area with building elements and also water and grassy spots!
  • Permit required: No
  • Region: East End Toronto/Scarborough
  • Caveats: Depending on timing, might be a bit busy! Opt for weekdays for this one.


  • Description: A beautiful U of T location with beautiful architecture, historical and grand windows, gothic staircases with high ceilings. A courtyard in the middle for greenery.
  • Permit required: Yes (details here)
  • Region: Toronto Downtown
  • Caveats: Some construction is going on at UofT's King Circle, so the exterior isn't available for use. Parking is difficult to find at UofT.


  • Description: The grand, gothic, and beautiful interior of Knox College is stunning. The architecture of beautiful staircases and walkway arches are gorgeous. There is also a garden outside for some greenery. Due to permits, there is a great deal of privacy as it is not open to the public.
  • Permit required: Yes (details here)
  • Region: Toronto Downtown
  • Caveats: Parking is difficult to find at UofT.


  • Description: Beautiful foliage and sunny fields for your nature-inspired shoot. Small boardwalks and brick walls in the Brickworks. Bring a blanket for a picnic-inspired theme!
  • Permit required: No
  • Region: Toronto Downtown/Midtown
  • Caveats: Very busy, especially in the summer. Opt for a weekday afternoon for more privacy.


  • Description: A concrete jungle shoot! Play with the building and the streetcar settings, and the varying architecture around the financial district for a fun shoot.
  • Permit required: No
  • Region: Toronto Downtown
  • Caveats: TD building with the classic CN tower shot is being covered (also, depending on the kindness of security guard)


  • Description: An urban and city vibe, with a beautiful waterfront and skyline view. You don't need a tonne of time here, perhaps pair this with Cherry Beach nearby!
  • Permit required: No
  • Region: Toronto Downtown
  • Caveats: Avoid summer Sundays (Cabana pool bar) and days with events.


  • Description: A gorgeous studio with beautiful walls and decor. They also sometimes have cool installations for an extra special feel!
  • Permit required: Studio booking required
  • Region: Toronto Downtown


  • Description: A lovely beachy feel that gives you the look of being away from the city. A cute house by the beach, and nearby greenery for both beach and nature shots.
  • Permit required: No
  • Region: Toronto Downtown
  • Caveats: The beach tends to be busy, so just wary if people are around enjoying a beach day.


  • Description: Cobblestones in the city - you'll get the beautiful arches and nearby park. Bring a picnic blanket for some picnic-themed shots!
  • Permit required: No
  • Region: Toronto Downtown
  • Caveats: Lots of weddings on weekends, best on a weekday. Near the Toronto city hall and downtown core so leave ample time to find parking.


  • Description: A beautiful rocky cliff, a lake view, and a perfect place to have a picnic. Gorgeous natural elements that we can use for a stunning outdoor shoot.
  • Permit required: No
  • Region: Scarborough
  • Caveats: Parking, and can get busy sometimes.


  • Description: One of the most stunning parks in Toronto, with a beautiful outdoor park.
  • Permit required: Yes (Details here)
  • Region: Toronto Downtown


  • Description: Red brick walls, and an old-city New-York flatiron building feel. Make a date of it and grab a coffee, wander the market, and maybe visit the nearby arches.
  • Permit required: No
  • Region: Toronto Downtown
  • Caveats: Very busy, lots of cars, so opt for off-peak hours.


  • Description: A Mississauga waterfront classic. A rocky beach, waterfront view. Take off your shoes and use the stretch of beach, and take some photos on the rocks by the water. Head over to Brueckner Rhododendron Gardens nearby for a different look and garden setting.
  • Permit required: No
  • Region: Mississauga
  • Caveats: Parking is tough during peak hours.


  • Description: A small-town charming and vintage vibe. Use the boba shop (the Alley) or coffee shops in the area. Head over to Toogood pond for some nature shots as well.
  • Permit required: No
  • Region: Markham
  • Caveats: Dodging human traffic in Unionville.


  • Description: A modern, outdoor park by the water. Get a mix of skylines, a lake view, and greenery.
  • Permit required: No
  • Region: Toronto Downtown West
  • Caveats: Hard to find parking, and lots of people generally due to volume of condos nearby.


  • Description: Let me take you to my favourite spot on Toronto island. We can take a water taxi and grab some shots on the boat, then walk to my favourite spot with a skyline view and beach. Beautiful elements such as fallen trees/logs, chairs, natural greenery with golden hour lighting. Bring or rent a bike for some bicycle shots!
  • Permit required: No
  • Region: Downtown - Islands
  • Caveats: Approximately 15~ minute walk from the boat dropoff to my favourite location.


  • Description: An beautiful garden with a greenhouse-type roof filled with greenery. French windows on a charming building. Head around the corner to a stunning courtyard with gazebos.
  • Permit required: Yes (details here)
  • Region: Midtown
  • Caveats: Permits are issued to a few couples at a time, so be prepared to share the space. Usually it's not an issue as the space is big enough to work with!


  • Description: A stunning pine-tree forest with a mystical feel. Go for a hike and a walk in this beautiful conservation area that doesn't even feel like you're in the GTA. Use the charming forests, bridges, and buildings.
  • Permit required: Yes (details here)
  • Region: Vaughan


  • Description: A beautiful area with architectural elements such as arches, and a beautiful park.
  • Permit required: Yes (details here), but also open to the public. Can't guarantee the use of certain areas if you don't have a permit (might get kicked out).
  • Region: Vaughan
  • Caveats: Very busy since it's issued to the public. They also host multiple weddings at the venue, so cannot guarantee use of certain areas if a permit is not booked.